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Why We Love Local Businesses


Winnipeg is Full of Gems

Some of us don’t need data to convince us. We love great service and businesses with a unique personality. Where else but Winnipeg can you experience the enjoyment of a traditional Thai dinner at Bangkok Thai restaurant before checking out a concert at the Burt with your friends? Where else but in our city can you devour a Corydon club sandwich at Nick's on Broadway, or delight in the famous chicken matzo ball soup at Bernstein’s Deli? Our city has so many local gems to offer us! For those who want some data, the numbers may surprise you - read on.


By The Numbers

A study by Civic Economics for the Canadian Union of Public Employees in British Columbia found that for every $1,000,000 in revenue, independent retail stores and restaurants recirculate $450,000 into the local economy compared to only $170,000 for chain competitors. Additional money recirculated by local businesses goes into wages for local residents, purchases of local goods and services, charitable giving and profits for local businesses.

Local businesses recirculate 2.6 times
more revenue than chain competitors. 

The same study also found that a shift of only 1% of annual purchases from chains to local businesses would produce 3,100 more local jobs that pay $94 million in yearly wages. These numbers are impressive, and there is even more data to support the buy-local movement at the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.

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