Frequently Asked Questions

So how exactly do I pay with Local Dollars and earn Local Dollars back?

To pay or earn Local Dollars, present your Local Card or app scan code to the staff when you pay in-store. The staff will scan your code to take payment or give Local Dollars back.


Can I shop at one business, earn Local Dollars back and spend those Local Dollars at another business right away?

Yes, you can. That’s the beauty of our system. You can earn Local Dollars when you get a haircut and then spend the Local Dollars like cash when you buy a coffee.

How much is 1 Local Dollar worth?

We like to keep it simple. 1 Local Dollar equals $1 Canadian dollar in value at all participating businesses. For example, 1.05 Local Dollars equates to $1.05 Canadian.


How do the Local Dollars work?

When Local Dollars are given by the business, we transfer the Canadian dollar equivalent into our bank account and hold it for you. When you spend the Local Dollars at any business in the network, we transfer the Canadian dollar equivalent to the redeeming business. In this way the money stays within the network of participating businesses.

I have a plastic Local Card, can I link it to the app?

Yes, you can. Once linked, both the app and the Local Card will earn and spend from the same balance.

Follow these app-specific instructions to link:

  • For iOS users, tap the “More” menu, then select the “Link Plastic Local Card” option and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • For Android users, tap the navigation menu in the top left of the app, then select the “Link Plastic Local Card” option and follow the instruction on the screen.

If you've already registered your Local Card the user name and password you created during registration will work in the app.


Do my Local Dollars expire?

Yes & no.

Local Dollars you load into your account do not expire and follow gift card legislation.

Local Dollars you earn may expire after 12 months if you haven't earned or spent Local Dollars at least once. We believe if the Local Dollars are not re-circulating and adding value to the network, they should be returned to the originating business.

Is there a fee to join the program?

No, it's free.


What do you do with my personal information?

The only personal information we collect from you is your email address. We use it to password protect and backup your points, and to send you occasional emails with program updates and bonus offers. If there is a support issue, we may have to collect a bit more info to resolve the matter – with your permission of course! We will not use this additional information for any other purpose.