Westman Region’s
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program good for me and local business?

The program is good for you because you support local while earning cash-back with your purchases. The program is good for local business because all cash-back rewards must be spent back in the network of local businesses. Additionally, the program provides local businesses an effective marketing connection to people that care about local business, and the program raises awareness of other local businesses you might love to try.

What is the best way to use this program?

The best way to use this program is to load and pay with Local Dollars. You get the best reward, and with one convenient scan you pay and get cash-back.

How much is 1 Local Dollar worth?

We like to keep it simple. Local Dollars are used the same as Canadian Dollars at all member businesses. For example, 1.05 Local Dollars equates to $1.05 Canadian. When you spend Local Dollars at member businesses you get the best cash-back reward.

How much do I earn?

The amount you earn depends on how you pay, because certain payment methods have greater benefit to local business. The better the payment method, the better the reward they can offer you.

  • Pay with a credit card and get 1% back.

  • Pay with cash/debit and get 2% back.

  • Pay with Local Dollars and get 3% or more back. Each business decides what it can offer its customers. A business’s specific Local Dollar reward is shown in the business listing.

Another advantage of Local Dollars is that they are the only currency that works for offers. If you see an offer you'd like to take advantage of, you must make the purchase in Local Dollars to get the cash-back reward. If you don't have enough Local Dollars, you can load up in the app, and this way you’ll also get your credit card rewards.

How do I earn Local Dollars with my purchases?

At the time of purchase, indicate to staff if you wish to pay with Local Dollars, cash/debit, or credit card.

When paying with cash/debit or credit card:

  1. Pay like normal.

  2. Then show your scan code to collect.

  3. Staff will scan your code, select the payment method, and enter the total amount of your purchase. Your cash-back reward will be added to your balance.

When paying with Local Dollars:

  1. Show your scan code to pay.

  2. Staff will scan your code and enter the total amount of your purchase. Any activated qualifying offer and cash-back reward will be automatically added to your balance.

How do I tip staff when paying with Local Dollars?

When paying with Local Dollars, you can indicate you'd like to add a tip, or the staff may ask you. The staff will hand the device to you, and then you follow the straightforward prompts to add a Local Dollar tip to your purchase. The staff will receive Canadian currency for the tip.

When should I load up?

You decide: You can load up once to pay for your week’s coffee, and take advantage of the pay & earn in one scan. You can also load up once you receive the bill, load up the right amount, then pay with Local Dollars to get cash-back. Since the app can store your credit card info, loading takes seconds.

How do I claim my offer in store?

Once you activate a free offer, or purchase the premium offers subscription, those offers are added to your "Ready" tab. When you make a qualifying purchase using Local Dollars as specified by the offer (e.g. right time of day or week), your app gets scanned by staff like normal. The reward is automatically added to your balance without any need for you to present the offer, or otherwise communicate with the staff that you have the offer.

Can I shop at one business and spend my Local Dollars at another business right away?

Yes, you can. That's the beauty of our program. You can earn cash-back when you get a haircut and then spend the Local Dollars right away to buy a coffee (and get more cash-back!).

How do Local Dollars work?

When you spend Local Dollars at any business in the network, we transfer the Canadian dollar equivalent to that business. When you earn Local Dollars from a business, we transfer the Canadian dollar equivalent from the business into our bank account and hold it on your behalf.

With this system, our businesses like it when you spend Local Dollars at their establishment. Local Dollars create a way for money to stay within the network of participating local businesses.

What if I don't have enough Local Dollars for a purchase?

Tap the "Load Local Dollars" button from the scan screen and top up your balance. Follow the instructions to load from your credit card, and this way you’ll also get your credit card rewards.

How do I view my activity history and how much I’ve earned?

You can view a list of Local Dollars earned, spent and rewarded from the "My Activity" screen. You can also see how much you’ve earned since you joined on this screen.

  • For iOS users, tap the "More" menu, then select the "My Activity" option.

  • For Android users, tap the navigation menu in the top left of the app, then select the "My Activity" option.

I have a plastic Local Card, can I link it to the app?

Yes, you can. Once linked, both the app and the Local Card will earn and spend from the same balance. If you haven't registered your card, follow these app-specific instructions to link:

  • For iOS users, tap the "More" menu, then select the "Link Plastic Local Card" option and follow the instructions on the screen.

  • For Android users, tap the navigation menu in the top left of the app, then select the "Link Plastic Local Card" option and follow the instruction on the screen.

If you've already registered your Local Card, the user name and password you created during registration will work in the app.

Is there a fee to join the program?

No, it's free.

What do you do with my personal information?

The only personal information we collect from you is your email address. We use it to:

  • password protect and backup your Local Dollar balance, and

  • send you occasional emails with program updates and offers from local businesses (if you have chosen to receive them).

If there is a support issue, we may request more information to resolve the matter, but it will only be used for this purpose.

How do I contact The Local Frequency?

We love to hear from our app users! The best way to reach us is by using the "Feedback" button on the Scan screen to send us an email.