Our marketing and rewards program is designed for local business like yours.

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Built For Your Business

We provide a smart marketing platform that makes it easy to encourage the business you want, when you want it.


and For Your Customers

We provide a shop local rewards program that lets them find and connect with local businesses.


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Reward Your Customers


Local Points


1. Customers earn points at a rate of 3% back for debit/cash and 1% back on credit card

2. They can earn and spend points anywhere in the network

3. This is an awesome value for your customer because of variety and flexibility


"Our customers love using one program that works at lots of local spots. It means they only need to use one app or card. And we love being part of a network of businesses focusing on keeping money in the community." 

– James, Owner of Fools + Horses


Drive Business When You Want


Promotions and Offers

  1. Easily run promotions (e.g. 20% back in Local Points) for specific times, dates, and minimum spend amounts

  2. We provide info on the effectiveness of your promos - only pay as it works!

  3. Take advantage of simple automatic-offers. E.g. if someone doesn't return for 6 weeks, automatically send them a special offer


“Automatic offers mean I can run targeted promotions in the background without having to use any of my time.  It’s like data mining that I don’t have to spend any time doing. The program also allows us to make smart promotions that are only available during down or specifically targeted periods. We are providing incentive for existing customers to come back at that time.”

- Aaron, owner, Bernstein's Deli


"Paying as promotions work is like having a commission based sales and marketing team.  I can focus on running the rest of my business."

- Mark, owner, Amsterdam Tea Room


“I like how the promotions are flexible and can be targeted to times of the day or days of the week that work for my business”

- Ibrahim “Obby”, owner, Shawarma Khan and Green Carrot Juice Co.


“It helps local businesses work together to offer incentives that bring people into their specific neighbourhood.”

- Alix, owner, La Belle Baguette


Get New Customers

Get discovered by people using our app and grow your business. 



Other Benefits


No setup fee.
Setup is quick and easy!

"We were all set up and ready to go in 15 minutes.  They even helped train my staff!"

- Glen, Meyers Gluten Free and Muscles by Meyers


No long-term commitment.
Cancel anytime, no penalty.

“I like how their focus is on boosting my business, not locking me into a long-term contract.  I only pay The Local Frequency as they add value to my business.  It makes sense.”

- Mick, owner, Siam Authentic Thai Cuisine


Quick transactions. 
Even for fast-paced places.

"Processing transactions is quick and simple, even in a busy little shop like ours. The little terminal is so easy to use!”

- Amanda, owner, Oh Doughnuts


Privacy is paramount.
We protect your customer's info.

"As a business owner I care about my customers. I appreciate that The Local Frequency respects my customers' privacy, and does not collect any personal information from them. It's a feature of the program that my customers like. What information they do collect, like email addresses, is kept within the program, and never sold to third parties. Customers like a loyalty program that is just that - rewards for being loyal to local businesses."

- Ryan, owner, blue hills design


Easy to manage.
Your time is precious.

"The Local Frequency rewards program not only offers an easy to understand loyalty program and terminal, but also, a simplified accounting report.  With pre-authorized debit for your business, all fees are withdrawn automatically, and any local points issued/redeemed are clearly noted on the monthly report. As a small business owner who also does their own bookkeeping, the report makes that job simple!"

- Sherry, owner, Generation Green

Generation Green.png

We're here for you.
Customer service is a must.

"Their customer support is quick to respond and help me out if I ever run into an issue. The team is always friendly and goes the extra mile with their innovative ideas!"

- Pam, owner, Tiny Treehugger


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