The Big Picture

Our program raises 'shop local' awareness in Winnipeg.

The Local Frequency complements 'shop local' advocacy by providing a direct way for all Winnipeg shoppers to make an impact.

Let's work together to grow a network of locally-oriented shoppers.

It shifts purchases to local businesses.

Winnipeg shoppers discover local options via the app, Local Points encourage repeat business, and direct offers help shift more and more weekly purchases to local options. 

It grows local business and economy.

Local Points recirculate in the network encouraging further purchases. Direct offers can be made from a business to new or existing customers to encourage purchases.

1. Your Customers Join Our Program


Local Frequency App

Your customers will download our app for Android or iOS to start earning and redeeming Local Points. It's 100% free :)   Learn how we keep your customers' information private.

Local Card

If your customers aren't into apps, they can pickup a Local Card at businesses like yours and register their card for bonus Local Points.

Temporary Points Cards

You can even give Local Points to customers who aren't on the program yet by putting the cards on a temporary sign-up card.


2. They Make a Purchase

Our system is independent from your business' point-of-sale system.



3. Your Business Gives Customers Local Points


Cash, Debit, & Credit 

Customer earn 3% back on debit/cash purchases and 1% back on credit card purchases. 

1 Local Point is worth $1 for your customer to redeem.

Earn 3% back with cash/debit payments

Earn 1% back with credit card payments

Giving Local Points

Use our terminal device to scan the customer's app or card, giving them Local Points. Enter the transaction amount and tap OK. We take care of the rest!

Scan your customers' devices using the smart device provided by us to give Local Points.

Scan your customers' devices using the smart device provided by us to give Local Points.

Cash-backed Points

When you give out points, we take the cash equivalent from you and hold it. When the points are redeemed at business, we give the cash equivalent back to that business.

4. Your Customers Can Redeem Local Points Like Cash


Buy Here, Redeem There

Customers can redeem their Local Points at any time, at any participating business including yours. This means they can earn Local Points at one business and redeem them at yours. 

Redeeming Local Points

When the customer indicates they'd like to use their points, use our terminal device to scan their app or card. Enter the amount of points to redeem and click OK. Reduce the total bill by the amount of points redeemed.

Redeeming Local Points also happens within our app. 

Redeeming Local Points also happens within our app. 

Get Cash for Redeemed Points

When points are redeemed at your business, we give the cash equivalent back to you.

5. Send Targetted Offers

Offers for New Customers

Our program allows your business to create special bonus offers and promotions for The Local Frequency members. You'll have a direct marketing channel to new customers in Winnipeg who support shopping locally. 

Offers for Existing Customers

Make bonus offers to loyal customers or to past customers who haven't been back in some time.

Time Specific Offers

Encourage purchase activity for certain days of the week, or other time periods that make sense for your business.


Have more questions?

Browse questions and answers specifically for local businesses in our FAQ for Businesses.


Not a business owner? 

Learn how our program works for Winnipeg's shoppers. 


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We'd love to discuss how The Local Frequency can help your business increase sales and connect with the right customers.

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