A Better Gift Card

Why do we think this card is better?

Because it can be spent like cash at any of our 130+ local member businesses in Winnipeg and Westman AND you earn cash-back onto the card with your purchases!

Once you've spent your Local Gift Card, the same card can be RE-LOADED on the website, or linked and re-loaded in the app.


How It Works
1. Register Your Card or Get The App

Register Your Local Card

Your Local Gift Card can be used as-is at our member businesses. Register your card to back up your balance.


... Or ...

Get Our App & Link The Card

Download our app for Android or iOS. Link the card in the 'Settings' area. App users qualify for bonus cash-back offers when paying with Local Dollars.

2. Scan to Pay

Use your card or the app to pay with Local Dollars at any member business.

3. Empty Card? Load Local Dollars

Load Local Dollars

Once your card or app balance has been spent, you can load more Local Dollars on your account. App users can load via the app. Card users can load via our website.