Next steps after you've been set-up

You've just been set-up and most of your staff have been trained. Here's what's next.

Finalize staff training

If you have staff remaining to be trained, we'll be contacting you to arrange times to stop by and finalize the training.

Figure out your elevator pitch

Here's a quick way to explain the program to your customers: 'The Local Frequency is a shop local cash back program. You scan the app with your purchase to earn cash back, and you scan to pay with the app's Local Dollars that can be spent at any of the 100+ local businesses on the program.'

Promote your membership online

We've already started promoting your business to Local Frequency members, through the app and social media.

These are our social media handles:

Twitter: localfreq 

Facebook: thelocalfrequency

Instagram: thelocalfrequency

Here's some images and links to use for your own website and social media posts. To download an image, left-click on the image to open it, then right-click on the image and select 'Save image as'.


Here's a link to our video our 'why shopping local matters'


Make customer connections for marketing potential

By handing out cards to your customers and scanning their app/card, you have made a connection to them. In the future, you can use these connections to send them offers to encourage them to visit again.

How to give Local Dollars when the terminal isn't working

Write down the customers member number found under their scan code, and the purchase amount. At a later time, when the terminal is working, swipe left on the "Scan" screen to bring up the "Type" screen that lets you manually enter the transaction. A reminder that you can't accept payment in Local Dollars using this method.

Contact us for anything else

If you need more cards, need a refresher, or have any other questions, please send us an email at or call us at (204) 272-2210.

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