Next steps after you've been set-up

Finalize staff training

Use the merchant app screenshots below to help explain the process to your staff.

pin screen.png

Enter PIN

  • Staff can have a unique PIN

  • One PIN can be shared by the whole team

  • If you need additional PINs, please let us know


Identify Customer

  • Hover the rear camera over the customer’s scan code

  • Sometimes, you’ll need to move the merchant app slightly to help the camera focus


Select Payment Method

There are two scenarios here:

  • Customer is paying with cash/debit/credit

    • Take payment as you normally would

    • As the customer is paying, you can scan their Local Frequency code and select either “Paid with cash/debit” or “Paid with credit card”

  • Customer is paying with Local Dollars

    • Ring up the purchase on your point of sale like normal. Determine the total

    • Scan the customer’s Local Frequency code and select “Pay with Local Dollars”


Enter Amount

  • Enter the amount and select OK

  • After-tax total

success - Copy.png

Transaction Complete

  • Select “Next Customer” to go to the scan page, or select “Lock”

  • Tip function available for businesses who accept tips

How to explain it

Here's a quick way to explain the program to your customers:

'The Local Frequency is a shop local cash-back program. You earn Local Dollars on all your purchases.

Collect or load up online, and then use Local Dollars to pay. There’s also offers and other promotions in the app.

All the information is available on their website.’

Logos and app store links

Here's some images and links to use for your own website and social media posts. To download an image, left-click on the image to open it, then right-click on the image and select 'Save image as'.

Shift to local video

Feel free to share this on social media:


Here's a link to our video 'why shopping local matters'


Sharing on social media

Use any of this material on social media. To tag us, here are the Local Frequency accounts:

Facebook -

Twitter (dormant until publication starts) -

Instagram (dormant until publication starts) -

Tell your customers about our loading bonus

To get customers started, we have a promotion that gives them a bonus the first time they load in the app.

We've included a picture that you're welcome to use.

Example Post:

"Are you using Local Frequency yet? It’s easy, free, and you get cash-back on all of your purchases. Use your Local Dollars just like cash anywhere in the group of local business. They stick to our community and recirculate.

For those of you who haven't loaded in the app yet, here's a bonus to get you started:

  1. Open the app, go into the settings, and tap "Enter Promo Code"

  2. Type the code from the picture - "FIRSTTIMELOADER"

  3. Load at least $25, and the app will bump up your balance by 7!

Get some extra cash to start using it here! There are over 100 local independent businesses in Manitoba working together on the Local Frequency. Download the app and start using Local Dollars."

first time loader.jpg

Offers and in-app bulletins

Similar to social media, effectiveness depends on the number of people you’re reaching with your messages.

We are able to send push notifications, badge notifications, in-app bulletins, and emails. Think about the promotions you’d like to run for your customers. We also have a virtual punch-card feature that you can use for no fee.

We’re happy to work with you to come up with what makes sense.

We use these features once you have at least 100 customers signed up.

badge and bulletin.PNG

Cards, stickers, and signage

Let us know if you need more of the following:

  • Plastic member cards

  • App sign-up scratch cards

  • Door stickers

  • Window stickers

  • Point-of-sale signage


Contact us for anything else

Need a refresher? Questions? Ideas? Please reach out. We’ll get back to you quickly.

Email -

Phone - (204) 272-2210