...so we've designed a rewards program for people who frequent local businesses.

It's called The Local Frequency and it's built to reward people who frequent Winnipeg's local businesses. By encouraging people to shift their purchases to 'local', the program strengthens our city’s local economy.


Earn Local Points

Shop at participating local businesses to earn Local Points, then spend them like cash at any other business in our network. Download the app or pickup a Local Points card. Learn how the program works.


Frequent Winnipeg's Local Gems

We'd love to add your independent, locally-owned Winnipeg business to our program. Learn more.


Support the Shift to Local

Shopping locally keeps 2.6 times more money in our community, in the form of local wages, purchases of local goods and services, charitable giving, and profits. 

Why Shopping Local Matters – 2:25


Earn Rewards
Worth Caring About

Earn and spend like cash

Earn 3% back on debit/cash purchases and 1% back on credit card purchases. 1 Local Point is worth $1 for you to redeem plus you can earn points at one business then spend them at another.

Discover new local gems

Our app makes it easy to browse and connect with all of the local businesses in our network. We guarantee you'll find new local gems.

Support the shift to local

Each dollar or Local Point you spend at a local business has a greater impact. Feel great about supporting our Winnipeg community!


Get Started

Join our program and support Winnipeg's shift to buy local.